Monday, September 14, 2015

My Life Will Never Be The Same

This week was the perfect ending to my mission. Not even the writers of Remember the Titans could have written a script as good as the way this last week played out. We had a new missionary come with us on Wednesday that Elder Lao is training. His name is Elder Ferguson and he is a stud. It was really neat to have a new missionary with me the last week. I saw so many things that I did as a new missionary, and I can't wait for all the experiences that he will have.
     On Saturday was the day of the baptism and everything turned out perfectly. President and Sister Forbes came out to watch and it actually started on time! Honestly the first time on my mission. Tsheej, Tais Paj Lis Lauj, and Tswb Vaj all gave the most amazing testimonies. The room was so full of the Spirit. After the baptism they asked me to speak in sacrament meeting so I ran home and wrote my talk for an hour. Then the coolest woman in Minnesota named Phanida, took all the missionaries, the newly baptized members, and a few other members as well out to Hmong village and we had a huge feast. On Sunday, we had the chance to confirm the three new members and the Holy Ghost was so powerful. I love being able to confirm others, because you know without a doubt that the Holy Ghost is there. Also, I gave my farewell talk as well as the branch President's son Ty gave his farewell talk for his mission. It was a really powerful sacrament meeting. After church our branch mission leader threw a big going away party at his house for me. A ton of members came and they made me give a speech. As I stood there with all of the members together, the only think I could think about was a quote that I had heard earlier in my mission, "Heaven isn't heavenly without the people that you love." I felt so much love for each of them and I told them that my mission would have been for nothing unless it was for the people. I really can't describe how much I love this branch. I spent 18 months of my mission here, working, teaching, and serving. Now that it is over, I can say that I would have not chosen anyplace else to serve but Minnesota. I was so overwhelmed by the love that I felt from all of the members. My life will never be the same because of the 2 years of work they did for me.
     Thanks for all the support all of you have given to me throughout these last two years. My mission has been so much more than I thought it would be when I started. But I know that the best times of my life are still in front of me, and they always will be. I know the church is true, that this is Christ's church. God lives. He will answer our prayers. Love y'all.     

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